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Portable Instrument for weigh pad - DVW-HC100


1. Static weighing mode and dynamic weighing mode are both combined.
2. Double LCDs display.
3. Display date and time, truck no and ticket no are manually input. Battery voltage monitor is indicated and alarm can be generated.
4. Measure and display vehicle velocity(km/h).
5. Floating technology is adopted to remove zero drift.
6. Numbered option style.
7. Vehicle axle weight is measured axle by axle, and no max number is limited.
8. Micro printer is embedded, the print ticket contains date, time, truck no, ticket no, axle weight, joint axle weight, truck weight, overload and executive enforcement organization.
9. RS232 port is used to communicate with PC.
10. Long life-span storage battery ensures long-time operation in field.
11. In static mode, customer and cargo no can be input.
12. Max stored records are up to 300, and can be expanded to 1000.

Main Technical Index

1. Double LCD display
a) axle weight display: 0~99995kg
b) total weight display: 0~999995kg
c) display unit height: 13mm 2. 128×64 dot matrix display, 16 pages of functional options
3. 24 bit high-conversion ADC, conversion velocity is up to 1000/s
4. analogue conversion division: 0.5uV
5. accuracy(combined with our weigh pad into one system.) a) static
i. ①≤20%FS, ±0.3% F.S
ii. ②>20%FS, ±0.5% F.S b) dynamic(<5km/h)
i. ①≤20%FS, ±1% F.S
ii. ②>20%FS, ±3% F.S
6. vehicle moving velocity limit: 0~15km/h
7. running temperature: -40℃~80℃
8. relative humidity: 90%
9. dimension: 430×335×190mm
10. weight: 10.3kg