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Wired Portable Weigh Pad - BX101+W


1. We provide wireless weigh pad and wireless module for our customer, and the instrument is designed by customers self. Wireless module is easily connected to the instrument by series port, and we will provide port protocol for instrument-side software development.
2. Wireless weigh pad dimension can be changed according to customer's demand: (800~1000)mmX(350~550)mmX22mm
3. Long life-span storage battery ensures long-time operation in field.


1. weighing and load control of loading truck in road transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry, and dustbin disposal.
2. weighing of loading truck by executive enforcement units
3. test weight and center of gravity of aero-plane
4. weighing automobile wheel and axle load distribution in automobile production line
5. stability test of special automobile, such as fork-lift truck, crane